Before making your submission, make sure you carefully check all the following requirments:

  • Types of Articles accepted include: Original full length articles, Short Communications, and reviews.
  • Any paper submitted for consideration should not have been published elsewhere.
  • The journal accepts manuscripts written in standard English Language.
  • The manuscript text should be in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, Font size 12, and double-line spacing).
  • Maximum length of manuscripts should not be more than 20 typewritten pages for original research articles, short communications not more than 10 pages, review articles not more than 25 pages.
  • Start the manuscripts with its title, followed in bold headings by:
    1. Abstract, Keywords
    2. Introduction
    3. Materials and Methods
    4. Results and Discussion
    5. Conclusion
    6. References
  • The journal adopts Vancouver style of referencing
  • Handling fee for each paper is N 5000, while Publication Fee for each accepted paper is N 20,000 (inclusive of one hard copy of the journal).
  • Additional copy will attract the sum of N 5000 for co-authors while others are to pay the sum of N 6,000 for a copy.
  • Detailed author’s guideline can be downloaded on the journal website


For the time being, manuscript submissions are accepted via: ensuring a convenient and efficient process.

Authors, reviewers, and editors can easily collaborate through this method. However, we have plans to further streamline the submission and review process by implementing the registration interphase that will enable users interact more efficiently. This upcoming feature will provide a user-friendly platform for authors, reviewers, and editors to manage their submissions, reviews, and publications seamlessly.

While we encourage authors to utilize this advanced system once it becomes available, we understand that some may prefer to stick with email submissions. Our goal is to offer flexibility to cater to individual preferences. Rest assured, whether you choose email submissions or the upcoming advance features, we are committed to providing a smooth and efficient experience.

We kindly advise all interested parties to stay tuned for updates regarding the registration process and the launch of our enhanced submission system. Your support and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we work towards improving our journal's services.

Thank you for your understanding and continued engagement with our publication.

Journal Management